My Autobiography


Computer Science Major

I am a current student at Los Angeles Mission College. This is my 3rd semester of taking classes for my Associates Degree. I expect to graduate in Spring 2015 and transfer to CSUN in Fall 2016. Because, I love programming and IT I wish to have a career as a Network Engineer.



I am in love with writing code. I like working with alogrithms, psuedo code and flow charts. I can read code in most programming languages. My favorite languages so far are C, and HTML5/CSS3. I would say that I organize my code in a very neat and efficient way.

Picture of Adrian

Personal Life

My greatest blessing in life, Adrian Quiroz, was born October 20, 2010. He is an amazing 3 year old boy. We have plenty of fun playing his favorite games. We enjoy solving puzzles, playing on jungle gyms, walking at the park, watching movies reading stories and coloring.



One of my past times is to travel. I am a native of Los Angeles, California. I have been up to San Fransisco and all the cities down to San Diego. I have traveled to Neveda, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. I have also been able to enjoy many trips to Mexico. I have been to Tijuana, Guadalajara, Sonora, Hermosillo, and Juarez, Mexico


Awards Recieved

I am fortunate to have received a number of awards for my academic achievement. I was on the Dean's List for Spring 2013 and Fall 2013. I was awarded for being a Work-Study participant as well as for academic achievement. I was also awarded two scholarships for Fall 2014.


Volunteer Work

I believe that it is good practice to give back to your community. I was a volunteer for two years, 2006 thru 2008, at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. I was able to assist many nurses and doctors to better serve each patient. I also volunteered in the Summer of 2013 at a local youth after school program. The program, Heroes of Life, focused on teaching the youth how to express themselves through music.